IT Industry in Nepal, and their attraction on Software as a Service (SaaS) model

IT Industry in Nepal, and their attraction on Software as a Service (SaaS) model

Technology is making our life easier and convenient. Each product we use is the result of technological brilliance. It is growing because we are so dependent on it for even minor decision. People not inclined to the technological field is very rare during this period of time. Besides individual customer,  we can also see the inclination of businesses in Nepal towards technological automation to solve their unique problems.

While transitional digital marketing and branding was going on around the world, Nepal just had computers used occasionally in the 1980s. From that time, the rates of the information technology, as well as digitizing, have taken a progressive turn slowly and steadily. Even the negligent government was attempting to digitize every record hastily.

There are over 300 IT or software companies all around Nepal who are trying to render technological solutions to their customers/clients. Some of top IT companies in Nepal aren’t originally from here. They are foreign-based multinational IT companies whose one of the branch is in Nepal.  They all deliver flexible and easy to use platforms which have allowed Nepalese IT industry to grow and make their own unique place in this market.

Recently, Software as a service(SaaS) has been gaining popularity in the business field as it actually refers to the business software application delivered via the cloud. In simple words, the cloud is a collection of computers, servers, and databases that are connected together in a way that users can lease access to share their combined power. According to the SaaS experts around the world’s IT industry, top five long term benefits of SaaS products are mentioned below.

Benefits of SaaS products

  1. Time for analysis and cost of SaaS products for the clients can be reduced than other alternatives.
  2. Tools and applications of SaaS products can be easily made available to all range of clients to provide them a better service.
  3. Scalability of SaaS products with the integration facility of new SaaS features at the same price can be proved very effective.
  4. Once the upgrades and new releases of SaaS products are ready, they can be easily made available to the customers to use.
  5. SaaS products can be maintained even if any project isn’t involved with it which makes it easier to use and it allows the user to perform proof of concepts or test software functionality in advance.

These five advantages must be understood by the Nepalese IT industry and in order to make them realize these important points, following activities can be carried out which will help in the marketing of the SaaS products here in Nepal.

Conducting technological seminar

A seminar is a place where a large number of entrepreneurs and IT enthusiast would gather to gain a lot of new information. This can be a great opportunity to market the long term benefits of SaaS products.

Inbound and content marketing

This kind of marketing attracts strangers and converts them into customers with the help of its contents. The same strategy can be applied to make people aware of unique products that can enhance business productivity.

Technological workshops

Availability of sample tools, features, and applications of demo products can lure entrepreneurs to invest in the IT market. Using the products themselves can boost their confidence to be involved in the field.

Online and viral advertising

Putting up ads online and boosting them to the viewers’ increases the awareness in them automatically once their eyes catch the words and pump them to learn about it. SaaS is very attractive so it won’t be easy to avoid it if they are passionate about IT business.

Opportunity analysis

People calculate risks before they get into anything nowadays. For instance, the opportunity analysis of SaaS products can increase the knowledge of SaaS among entrepreneurs. This will foster the progress of IT in Nepal.